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About customer harassment

Background of the guideline establishment:

Resol Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) strives to provide prompt and approachable services to ensure our customers can enjoy their stays and dining experiences with peace of mind. To enhance the quality of our services, taking into account the recent changes in the work environment and the current social circumstances where actions hindering the working environment for employees are anticipated, we have formulated and published this guideline from the standpoint of protecting our employees. We kindly request your understanding that this initiative is not intended to exclude valuable feedback from our customers.

Anticipated scenarios and responses to customer harassment:

While we greatly appreciate and welcome customer opinions and advice, the company considers the following actions as customer harassment.
Please note that the following examples are provided for illustration purposes and are not exhaustive.

  • Unreasonable demands exceeding the quality level that can be reasonably provided by our services.
    Unjust demands beyond legal responsibilities (requests for kneeling down, apologies from the company president or manager, requests for services not included, requests to be called to locations other than the business premises without valid reasons, requests for internal disciplinary actions).
  1. Physical violence (throwing objects, hitting, kicking, pushing, etc.).
  2. Psychological aggression (intimidation through loud voices, rough speech, threatening behavior, denying a person’s dignity, verbal abuse, defamation including those on social media and the internet).
  3. Persistent demand, coercive behavior (refusal to leave, etc.).
  4. Sexual abuse, discriminatory speech, violation of privacy, and any kinds of abuse human rights violation (surveillance, filming, posting on social media and the internet, stealing personal information).
  5. Actions causing financial damage (destruction of the company’s properties, excessive use of hotel facilities beyond the normal range such as leaving the tap water running, adjusting the air conditioner to extreme temperatures, leaving the refrigerator open).

If the company determines that any of these actions have occurred, we reserve the right to refuse further assistance, suspend or terminate contracts for accommodation, dining, or other services with the customer. Furthermore, if the company deems it necessary, we may also take measures to collaborate with external organizations, such as lawyers, police, etc., through consultation, communication, and reporting. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

The above represents the principles of our current initiatives, and the company will continue to make improvements to ensure the best possible approach. We will strive to provide you with better services.We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.

January 27th, 2023.