Time to Yourself, Such Luxury and Comfort

Ikebukuro is one of Tokyo's three major sub-centers alongside Shinjuku and Shibuya.

At times a business hub lined with countless office buildings,
at others an entertainment district with a variety of commercial venues,
and sometimes a town broadcasting otaku culture to the world.

Day or night, regardless of nationality,
the town sees a constant flow of people,
embodying the captivating chaos
that is synonymous with Japan’s capital.

Amid the palpable density and fervor
of the city's clamor, what constitutes the most precious time
in the heart of such a bustle?

Hotel Resol Ikebukuro offers the answer:
a 'serene personal time.'

This hotel is the epitome
of Resol Hotels' cherished relaxation,
featuring, for the first time in every room,
Resol original beds and the luxury of a shoes-off experience.

With gentle aromas wafting through the lobby and each floor,
colors that hint at the onset of downtime,
and lighting that lures one into sleep like moonbeams,
our commitment to relaxation is evident throughout,
guiding travelers to a haven of comfort and healing.

Enveloping your weary body,
a time of tranquility slowly escorts you
toward the day's end.

A restful sleep replenishes
your energy for the morrow,
and the cacophony of the city
that greets you upon departure
becomes fanfare in flight,
the start of a new journey.

Please delight to your heart's content
in the serene private space
at the center of the cities flow.