Living lobby

Living lobby

【Shizumori no ma】

The living lobby on the basement floor is named "Shizumori no ma," a coined term combining the Japanese words for quietness and warmth.
The living lobby is inspired by the setting of a grand tea ceremony. You can find a seat in any direction and relax in your own way.
It's an open space where you can discover your most comfortable way of spending time.

Learning about Japanese comfort from the history of Kyoto

As time weaves through Heian, Muromachi and Edo eras, Muromachi dori today is lined with longstanding traditional kimono stores,each with a history spanning centuries. As a homage to this rich culture of traditional Japanese clothing, the interior and furnishings reflect a generous sense of scale using the traditional measurement named "Kujira-Jaku." This design creates a unique sense of Japanese "comfort."

Where light and shade mingle

Because of its underground location, each individual light in the Living Lobby holds a special significance. The interplay of light and shadow brings a sense of dimension and depth to the space, creating a somewhat somber and calming atmosphere.
Enjoy a cup of tea or admire the scenery, please spend your time in the most comfortable way.