Eatwell Breakfast: Smart & Delicious

At Resol Hotel restaurants, we offer the "Eatwell Breakfast" to help each guest improve their dietary habits, tailored to their individual lifestyle and stage of life.
Whether for multi-night stays or extended visits, we offer a diverse range of menus to ensure a consistently appealing dining experience.
Enjoy "Eatwell" breakfast at Resol Hotel which is both healthy and delicious.


Semi-buffet breakfast with Kyoto vegetables and seasonal fruits

"iL-CHIANTI Shijo Karasuma" is a sister restaurant of the Italian restaurant "CHIANTI," which has more than 40 locations nationwide.
For the selectable main dishes, we offer an international menu, including the "Smoked Bratwurst Kiryu Yeast Dog" using coarsely ground German pork sausages and the healthy Italian "Ciabatta Sandwich" made without butter or milk.
You can enjoy a semi-buffet style with fresh Kyoto vegetables salad and seasonal fruits, helping yourself as much as you like.

Opening Hours
7:00~10:00(Last entry 9:30)
1,700 yen per person
  • *Preschool children are free of charge. Prices include tax.
The set menu and salads will be served in a semi-buffet style.

Lunch & Dinner

More than 100 creative dishes inspired by authentic Italian cuisine

At "iL-CHIANTI Shijo Karasuma," we strive to provide a homely service where each dish is tailored to what our customers desire. We consistently offer new dishes based on Italian cuisine.
During dinner, we present a curated selection of wines from across Italy. Enjoy a delightful and comfortable dining experience created by our free and easy atmosphere.