Living lobby

Living lobby

A haven where time gracefully unfolds.

Whether engaging in delightful conversations with friends, orchestrating plans for tomorrow's adventures, or simply luxuriating with a cup of coffee in hand, this space caters to diverse purposes. Indulge in the refined ambience of the living lobby, exuding the essence of the "Asakusa atmosphere."

Travel back in time to the Edo period

Decorations that evoke Edo culture, such as wallpaper adorned with Mount Fuji, tatami mats scented with the fragrance of Igusa fibers, artificial cherry blossoms, and traditional Japanese toys,are placed throughout the Living Lobby, greatly enhancing the travel experience.

Be yourself, live freely

The open space can be used as a place for casual conversations with close friends, or as a dining space to enjoy local specialties bought in the Asakusa district. It allows everyone to realize their own unique way of spending time.