Longing for Foreign Countries from the Northern Land

As you get off the metro and go above ground,
you will hear the buzz of the trees and the murmur of the stream.

Nakajima Park is close to the center of Sapporo,
and is an oasis for both residents and travelers,
healing all who visit there.

Toyohiragawa River flows from Jozankei in the south of Sapporo into Shobuike Pond,
where you will appreciate cherry blossoms and wisterias in spring,
yellow irises in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and a silent snowy world in winter.

In each of the four seasons, you will fully enjoy the blessings of nature,
forgetting the buzz of the entertainment district just nearby
and feeling the gentle flow of time.

In front of the Nakajima Park
is Hotel Resol Nakajimakouen’s solemn and stylish building
fitting into the landscape.

You will be led by the gentle light at the hotel entrance
to find a spacious atrium inside.
Interior in white as the basic color, splendid and serene at the same time,
welcomes travelers after a long journey.

You will witness the sequel of the story after entering your bedroom.
A broad space not common for a city hotel,
décor and furniture reminiscent of Europe in the 18th century,
and a bathroom you may find in a movie.
We would like to stir your imagination for foreign countries
in the heart of this cosmopolitan city Sapporo,
and make you enjoy your stay in the hotel itself.

Sometimes a peaceful place for your soul,
sometimes a base camp for your exciting journey,
Hotel Resol Nakajimakouen continues to offer the enjoyment of staying in a hotel
to as many travelers as possible.