A Story You Cannot Find Elsewhere, Made by Nature and Men

Modernization of Japan was helped
by four important naval ports.
Sasebo Port is one of them, once used by the combined fleet of Japan,
and saw many sailors departing.

Today the town has a US Navy base and a maritime self-defense force base
and has a landscape and unique exotism typical of a naval port,
but it used to be a quiet small village of agriculture and fishing.

With the establishment of a Chinju-fu in the Meiji era, a catalyst for change,
It emerged as a preeminent shipbuilding town, one of Japan's finest.
Shipowners, maritime firms, and shipyard workers, alongside their kin,
Converged, bestowing upon the town a vibrant, bustling spirit.

Reflecting the history of Sasebo,
Hotel Resol Sasebo welcomed the families related to shipbuilding
and sometimes served as a venue of reception for ship launching events,
thus, helping the development of the town.
Family members of American sailors also made the hotel their home,
which helped create the exotism unique to Sasebo.

This legacy of Sasebo as a naval port
attracts many people,
but it is just one facet of Sasebo.

If you look to the west,
opposite to the port of Sasebo
symbolized by ships and cranes of shipyards,
you will find the complex rias coastline and the stunning beauty of
Kujukushima is comprised of 208 islands of various sizes.

Quiet emerald-green sea
and islands nestled here and there show different faces according to seasons and hours of the day,
taking you to an dreamy world.

It is somewhat nostalgic,
cool with beauty,
and somehow warm.

Hotel Resol Sasebo stands as a beloved crossroads,
Welcoming a tapestry of individuals from portside businesspeople
To tourists with a fondness for nature and culture.
It remains a cherished haven for all who traverse its paths.