Living lobby

Living lobby

Designed with the theme of a "bridge" connecting two worlds

The living lobby welcomes travelers with a soft light reminiscent of twilight, created through the concept of "Celebrating Shadows". Enjoy the lingering ambiance of darkness and relax at your own pace.

Three substantial objects are installed. The work suggests that by changing perspectives and cutting away, different aspects can be seen while sharing the same space. The duality of elements, such as roughness and smoothness, light and shade, is blended within these objects. The aging material of wood, which gains flavor over time. acts as a bridge to a timeless concept.

The furniture features the Conoid chair by George Nakashima, connecting Japan and the U.S. through the design and production of wooden furniture. Additionally, there are tables and sofas designed by Keita Shimizu that incorporate traditional Japanese techniques.

Wooden Sculpture "Hashi" Trilogy
(Material: Cedar Created by Keita Shimizu + Shoichiro Nakamura)