A Higher Grade Resort Experience to Enhance Sensibility

In Nakaboso situated in the middle of the Boso Peninsula,
hills with gentle slopes spread all around.
It is not far from the metropolitan area,
yet you can appreciate a nostalgic landscape
with magnificent nature, traditional houses, and pastoral scenes.

fits into the abundant nature of Nakaboso,
where you can even see fireflies
adrift in summer.

Hot springs gushing out on the premises
has a lot of minerals accumulated when this place was under the sea
and melted to make the spring a smooth and creamy black water
which warms your body and soul from deep inside.

Hotel Trinity Shosai
is the symbol tower
standing in the RESOL NO MORI Forest.

Going past the entrance,
you will reach a splendid atrium lobby.

A gorgeous interior in art-deco style
with stone designs exclusively our own
will enhance your excitement for staying in our resort.

All the guest rooms are suit rooms.
Spacious rooms consisting of
separate living and bedrooms
make you forget your busy daily life.

You may come with your beloved one
or your family or your close friends.
A variety of guest rooms will fit
every visitor’s ideal style of life.

Outdoor activity facilities are scattered on the premises
will help you enjoy the resort experience
with your whole body and soul.

An extraordinary experience
will largely enhance your sensibility.

Hotel Trinity Shosai
as a resort surrounded by abundant nature
offers a special resort experience to each visitor.