Reflecting on the Bonds between Yokohama and the Nordic Lands

Yokohama developed
as a town with an open port,
interacting with other countries.

It is similar to the characteristic of faraway Nordic countries
in that tradition and the contemporary world live in harmony
and that nature and civilization coexist
to create a beautiful townscape.

Hotel Resol Yokohama Sakuragicho was conceived
focusing on such similarity between Yokohama and the Nordic region,
defining “Connected by the Sea and Relaxing in the Forest” as its keyword
and paying respect to the common thoughtful view of the universe.

We named our living lobby “moi (‘hi’ in Finnish)”
and lined it with screens looking like white birch trees in a Nordic forest.

The living lobby has a family zone for families with children to enjoy an exotic atmosphere,
a relaxation zone for adults to relax in a calm space without being bothered,
and a work zone for those who would like to concentrate on their work in privacy.
It is a space to satisfy every guest’s needs.

Guest rooms have distinctive yellow and green interiors,
displaying a novel, unique but never tiresome Nordic charm.

Our attention to detail is also applied to even the smallest details of each room.
Fabrics, cushions, and mugs are made in Finland,
which makes you feel the Nordic air
every time you see or touch them.

You are immersed in exotism
when you arrive in Yokohama.

We would like you to nurture such emotion
born in your heart
even after coming back to the hotel.

Hotel Resol Yokohama Sakuragicho
welcomes you
to be the base for your special trip to Yokohama.