Living lobby

Living lobby

A hotel with another place to stay

With the concept of "A hotel with another place to stay," Resol presents the "Living Lobby."
In Sakuragicho, Yokohama, we offer "MOI," a living lobby with a Nordic theme surrounded by the sea and forest, brimming with gentleness.
Whether you're a family with children or someone looking for a peaceful place to work, feel free to relax and enjoy your time in a way that suits you best.


This area, adorned with warm Nordic goods and picture books, is the place where smiles bloom the most within our cozy Living Lobby. It's not just for the little ones, but also for the parents and grandparents. It's a place full of joy for the whole family.


This spot is recommended for travelers seeking a calm and relaxing space. Located in a slightly secluded area, the Relaxation Zone allows you to unwind at your own pace without being disturbed by the surroundings. It's also a great idea to strike up a conversation over the items displayed on the box shelves and let the stories unfold.


The Work Zone is perfect for those who want to leisurely admire the view outside the window, work with the aroma of coffee and the distant hustle as background music, or simply spend some alone time. The café-style desk corner is thoughtfully equipped with power outlets and shelves, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable personal time.