Discover the Culture and History Nurtured by Pristine Waters

Mountains green and graceful,
rivers with clear water.

Blessed with the beauty of mountains and rivers,
Gifu area lived its history,
together with water.

Nagaragawa River runs through the middle of Gifu City,
the central city of this area,
flowing into Ise Bay.
In the upper stream, you can enjoy rafting and canoeing on crystal water,
in the middle, you will see fishing of sweet fish and masu trout, or fish traps,
in the lower stream, the river flows slowly between the buildings and rice fields,
bringing the blessings of nature and healing of souls.

Hotel Resol Gifu respects
the relationship between people and water,
typical to Gifu.
The hotel stands on the old textile wholesaler street in front of Gifu Station
warmly welcoming the visitors.

A short rest at the hotel,
then let’s go for a walk!

20 minutes’ walk uphill from the hotel,
you will find the only natural fall in this prefecture,
gathering clear water from Dodogamine Mountain.
On each visit, whichever the season is,
seasonal sceneries will give you a fresh emotion.

Just another 30-minute journey onward,
you'll enter an entirely different realm.
The Itadorigawa River,
brimming with emerald waters,
teems with springs bubbling at every turn.

The city too is graced by these beautiful waters.
Near the south exit of Gifu Station,
a century-old sake brewery stands.
In their underground brewery, ultra-soft water from their own well
is used to craft sake throughout the year.

In landlocked Gifu,
a profound longing and dedication to water
has been cultivated.

The feelings people have imbued in water,
the industries and culture it has nurtured.
Hotel Resol Gifu holds dear
this enduring bond between people and water.