Experiencing the Aroma of History: Kyoto's Bustling District and the Echoes of the Edo Period

Kamogawa River flows slowly and splendidly
as if representing the unique elegance of Kyoto
and the eternal flow of time.

Along this flow of the Kamogawa River,
runs Kawaramachi Street, one of the busiest streets in Kyoto.

On this street, merchant stores and the residence of the lord of Tosa (now Kochi Prefecture),
together with houses of many samurai stood in the old days.
It has changed its appearance over time
but maintains its unique grace.

Adjacent to the districts with the charm of Kyo (old name of Kyoto) such as Hana-machi, Ponto-cho, and Kiya-machi,
this area is ideal to experience
the color and the heat of this town.

Hotel Resol Kawaramachi Sanjo is located
in a corner of Kawaramachi Street,
at the site of a long-lived soy-source store “Tsuboya”
where Shojiro Goto often stayed.

Shojiro Goto is one of the heroes of the end of Edo period
who helped the return of power to the emperor and the foundation of the new government
together with Ryoma Sakamoto.

Among several Resol Hotels,
this hotel stands on the site associated with Shojiro,
who endeavored in and out of government to establish a modern nation in turmoil
has a unique history to tell.

Going through lanterns on a paved path to find the entrance
rather alien to the center of a busy district,
and going inside,
a living lobby with harmonized Japanese tradition and Kyo’s culture
welcomes visitors with tired legs.

A gallery dedicated to Shojiro Goto is situated in the building
which shows the things associated with him and a georama of the period,
inviting you to a time trip to the end of Edo period.

The site of this hotel is a witness to the history
from the Edo period to today.
Hotel Resol Kawaramachi Sanjo has been and will be
the home to travelers who visit the town of Kyoto,
in the past, present and future.