Goto Shojiro Residence Gallery

Exploring the history of Goto Shojiro,
his traces left in Kyoto.

A great figure of the late Edo and Meiji eras, Goto Shojiro.
The site of the old wholesaler 'Tsuboya', his regular lodging in Kyoto,
now stands as the Hotel Resol Kawaramachi Sanjo.

This place carries the accumulated history and
footsteps of a man who lived through turbulent times,
conveying and perpetuating them to our contemporary world.
That is the purpose of the Goto Shojiro Residence Gallery.

Why not feel the footsteps of the determined figures who walked through the 1000-year history of Kyoto?

Who was Goto Shojiro?

The only person in the entire world who accomplished the Restoration of Imperial Rule

Goto Shojiro was born in 1838, below Kochi Castle.
He studied at Tsuruta Shukuba with individuals like Itagaki Taisuke and Iwasaki Yataro, opened by Yoshida Toyo.
He was close to Sakamoto Ryoma and played a significant role in Tokugawa Yoshinobu's Restoration of Imperial Rule, marking his presence as a great figure of the late Edo period.
After the Meiji Restoration, he achieved great success as a politician and businessman and was praised by Fukuzawa Yukichi as 'a bold and unparalleled hero in the entire world,' thus laying the foundations of modern Japan.

Exploring the history of Goto Shojiro,
his traces left in Kyoto.

At the gallery, there are displays such as a diorama that recreates the townscapes of the late Edo period, a replica of the treasured sword sent by the Queen of England to Goto Shojiro, his handwritten letters, and Chinese poetry.

In addition, there are many poetic items on display, including a copy of the white elephant painting by the late Edo period artist Gen Zaiju, photos that also feature Goto Shojiro and Sakamoto Ryoma, and a replica of the stand used for photography.

Gallery supervision:
Urban Governance Research Institute, Inc
Representative Takai Takahito