Contemplating Railways: A Journey Between the Everyday and the Extraordinary

Gazing out the window,
A myriad of tracks unfold below, Branching out in countless directions.

How about taking a Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train
to soak in a hot spring?
Or taking a Joetsu Shinkansen
to where fresh, delicious seafood awaits you

Yamanote Line can take you
to any destination in Tokyo,
and Keihin-Tohoku Line goes out
north and south of Tokyo.

Enjoying a unique view of the trains,
your journey starts in your imagination,
to wherever the railroad can take you.

The town is a sacred place of pop culture
where every taste is accepted,
and is a convenient place to go anywhere around
ideal to stay like a local.

Hotel Resol Stay Akihabara is in such a town
and is your home away from home for your comfortable long stay.

You can watch the bullet-train and local trains from our living lobby
which has a spacious open-type kitchen.
There, cooking might be a nice means
to make friends with the ones you meet for the first time.

We have a telework space with semi-private compartments
where you can focus on your job or study.
When you are tired, you can take a break
with complimentary non-alcoholic drinks

Contemporary yet cozy,
the bedrooms boast expansive views of the railway.
In this unique, slightly extraordinary space,
you'll find comfort as serene as that of home.

Guests can interact with each other
or stay comfortably in privacy.
We would like to offer you a stay matching your liking,
satisfying your diverse tastes.

That is the commitment of
Hotel Resol Stay Akihabara.