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The fearless cheers of the Gion Yamakasa festival seem to echo through the air.
Our Sky Lobby provides a sweeping view of Hakata's skyline.
At the center of Nakasu,
the liveliest entertainment district in Western Japan
immerse yourself in the pulsating energy of those who live in Hakata.
Experiencing it through sight, sound, and touch,
immerse yourself at the forefront of culture and tradition.


We would like to introduce several special features of Hotel Resol Trinity Hakata that will make your stay more comfortable and relaxing.

  • Shoes off style

    The relaxation that comes from taking off your shoes. Resol Hotels adopt a shoes-off style in all rooms. The in-between moments created by the transition from the external to internal space and the act of taking off shoes bring a sense of calmness to the heart.

  • Living lobby

    Introducing the concept of "A hotel with another place to stay," our hotel features a "Living Lobby" where you can unwind as if you were at home. It serves as a comfortable space for chatting with friends, reading, and catching up on work. Please feel free to relax and enjoy your time in our cozy Living Lobby.

  • Original bed

    Our original beds promise a deep sleep. Utilizing low-resilience materials developed by NASA for astronauts and independent pocket coil springs, we provide you with an excellent night's sleep that lasts until morning.

Guest Rooms

From the materials to the furniture and objets d'art, down to the smallest accessories, our guest rooms are meticulously designed. This attention to detail creates a special space that exudes a sense of calm and relaxation.


iL CHIANTI is an Italian restaurant with more than 40 locations in Japan. Not only can you enjoy the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner, but you can also start your day with a buffet-style breakfast offering about 30 dishes crafted with local ingredients.


We offer a variety of services to ensure a pleasant stay for all travelers, whether for business or leisure.


Soothe your mind. In the communal bath exclusively for guests, you can enjoy a relaxing time in a spacious and open environment with a panoramic view of the Tenjin area.

Comfortable and elegant moments await you. On the Ladies' Floor, conveniently located near the communal bath and salon, is equipped with ReFa items in all rooms, ensuring an elevated stay experience.