On the Forefront of Tradition, Culture, and Passion

Traced back to the year 759, mentioned in "Shoku Nihongi,"
A place of prosperity, born of trade and commerce,
Hakata: the town that thrived as a hub for merchants.

It became the largest city in Kyushu,
sometimes as a gourmet town, sometimes as a business town,
and sometimes as an entertainment town.
Its facets are countless.

In the city of Hakata, Nakasu area located between Nakagawa and Hakatagawa rivers is renowned as the largest entertainment district in West Japan

It is one of the best gourmet sanctuary in Japan
with over 2,400 restaurants
in a small surface of 250m east to west and 1,500m north to south,
together with a variety of stalls along the rivers.
Hotel Resol Trinity Hakata is located in the middle of this Nakasu area.

Hotel Resol and the city of Hakata are tied closely by Hakata Gion Yamagasa.
As the locals say “Hakata cannot exist without Yamagasa!”
the festival excites the citizens of Hakata
and symbolizes the city itself.

For the operation of Hakata Gion Yamagasa,
the city is divided into seven blocks called “Nagares.”
Hotel Trinity Hakata is located in the middle of “Nakasu Nagare”
and supported the festival in various ways.

Hakata dolls to decorate the Yamagasa floats,
are displayed in the hotel lobby before the festival,
and they show their gigantic figures on the floats during the festival.

Hotel Trinity Hakata is not a mere accommodation facility.

It is the frontline to experience the local culture and tradition
with your eyes, ears and all your senses,
getting as close as possible to the locals
who live their lives in Hakata
to feel their heated souls and lively movements.