Living lobby

Living lobby

Experience your own time in the "Garden of Light"

Wrapped in the soft glow of gentle lighting and the ambient light from the "Garden of Light," feel the subtle passage of time with both your body and soul. Whether it is the aroma of coffee tickling your nose or the sound of someone flipping through a book, everything around you creates a unique atmosphere for your exclusive time.

Seating available in the semi-outdoor area

In the semi-outdoor area facing the "Garden of Light," we provide comfortable seating for you to relax. The natural air that you can experience only at that moment adds a special essence to your journey.

Kyoto's first "diner for adults"

BLUE BOOKS cafe KYOTO is a stylish and serene space associated with the renowned "Blue Note Japan," which is located in Tokyo's Minami-Aoyama. Here,you are surrounded by books carefully selected around the themes of nature, food, and lifestyle. Additionally, you can enjoy jazz music in the background, creating a sophisticated atmosphere.