A 3-minute walk from Asahibashi Station and Naha Bus Terminal. 3 hours from Tokyo, 2.5 hours from Osaka, and 10 minutes from the airport by Monorail. Located within walking distance of Kokusai-dori, Naha's largest entertainment district, as well as government offices and business districts.

By public transportation

  • ①Exit ticket gate of the Yui Rail "Asahibashi" Station and go toward the East Exit (bus terminal)
  • ②Go straight along the pedestrian bridge
  • ③Go further with the river on your right and turn left before the building
  • ④Go further with the building on your left, and go down to the 1st floor by EV or stairs in front of the Nanbu Joint Government Office Building.
  • ⑤The hotel is in front of you on your right hand side.

By car

  • For the route northbound on Route 58 from the direction of Naha Airport:
  • ①Turn right at the Asahibashi intersection
  • ②Go straight with Naha Bus Terminal on your left and turn right at the first traffic light
  • ③Turn right before the bus depot.

Parking Lot Information


1,500 yen (per night / 3:00 pm to 11:00 am the following morning)

  • *24-hour in and out
Parking Spaces

Multistory parking 50 spaces

  • *Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis and reservations are not accepted.
  • *Vehicle restrictions: height 1.5m, width 1.8m
In case of full capacity or if your vehicle cannot be parked

We will guide you to our affiliated parking lot (D Parking Tsubogawa 3-chome No. 1 / 3-minute walk / 1,000 yen per night). Please inquire with the parking attendant or hotel staff.

  • *We do not accommodate vehicles exceeding restrictions,modified vehicles and vehicles with carrier installations.
  • *External spaces are designated for emergency or persons with disabilities (unavailable for general vehicle use).
  • *In case of typhoons, disasters, or other emergencies, the parking lot may be unavailable.