Yearning for the Sky of Okinawa

The islands of Okinawa were once an independent country
known as Ryukyu.

Having the port of Naha as one of the largest bases of trade in Asia,
The Ryukyu Dynasty traded with Asian countries,
such as China, Korea, and South East Asian countries,
and even with Japan at that time.

Such a history tells us
that the birth of the Chanpuru (mixed) culture was a natural result
of diverse cultures and a sense of value.

Hotel Resol Trinity Naha is located at Asahibashi adjacent to Naha Port, inheriting the legacy of the Ryukyu Dynasty
and serving as the base for a sea trip to the Nansei Islands.

Haberu (butterflies) welcome the tourists.
Akeju (dragonflies) invites them to a trip to the sky.

These two motifs are the symbol of the hotel.
It materializes classic and modern,
in a sophisticated space for adults
with a delicate scent of Ryukyu.
Travelers are sure that,
quietly but surely, their trip will be a special one.

People tend to think of the sea when talking about Okinawa,
while Hotel Resol Trinity Naha thinks of the sky
spreading wider than the sea.

Elegantly like Haberu,
and smoothly like Akeju.

Travelers enjoy a short escape here
and will be ready to take off
for another trip
seeking freedom and the unknown.