The Northern Gateway: City Center Hub

Sapporo Clock Tower watched the history of Sapporo
for more than 100 years.
As you walk past the business district listening to the toll of the bell,
you will see beautiful flowers and soothing fountains.

This park called Odori Koen was developed in the early Meiji period
when the development of Hokkaido started,
and now is the symbol of the city where events representing Sapporo are held,
such as the beer garden in summer and Yuki-matsuri (snow festival) in winter,

Symbolic architecture such as the TV Tower
and the nature created by the flowers of each season
are in perfect harmony, healing the souls of people passing by.

The city of Sapporo is divided into the north and the south of Odori Koen,
forming a business district and an entertainment district respectively.
In this intersection of business and culture,
stands Hotel Resol Trinity Sapporo

It is the flagship of Resol Hotels in Hokkaido with a splendid entrance.
Everywhere in the building is decorated with the works of an avant-garde art group GUTAI
that welcomes you warmly, especially the wall painting in the lobby
“Daichi no Yume” (Dream of the Earth) by Tsuyoshi Maekawa.

GUTAI is recognized internationally
for its works with unique and unprecedented concepts.
One of its representative painters,
Tsuyoshi Maekawa’s works are characterized by a dynamic flow of lines and abundant colors, supported by the plasticity of the fabric material used as a canvas.

The works with lively dynamism
will largely enhance the excitement
of visiting Hokkaido.

Embraced by art,
and nature,

Hotel Resol Trinity Sapporo
aims to be the departure and terminal point for travelers
who come to the northern land
with imagination and excitement.