Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

A warm and inviting design creates a comfortable and relaxing space to unwind

We provide various relaxation items and amenities in the room. Enjoy a leisurely tea time while gazing at the night view during your precious moments.

Moderate DoubleNumber of guests 1~2 persons


A popular room for long-term business travelers. The spacious 140cm wide bed provides comfort for a tired body. The moderate offers a higher level of relaxation and is also suitable for two people.

Room size
15 sqm
Bed size
1 bed / Width 140cm

SingleNumber of guests 1 person


A simple room suitable for business use. It features an adequate desk space and a reliable internet connection, ensuring a comfortable environment for work in the room.

Room size
14.5 sqm
Bed size
1 bed / Width 120cm

Parkside DoubleNumber of guests 1~2 persons

Parkside Double

A double room with a wide bed (160cm) facing Odori Park, popular among couples. You can enjoy a relaxing stay while experiencing popular events from the room. (Up to 2 adults allowed. Preschool children can sleep with adult guests for free, with one child per bed.)

Room size
19.4 sqm
Bed size
1 bed / Width 160cm

Economy TwinNumber of guests 1~2 persons

Standard Twin

Though simple, the functional design tailored to the space provides a comfortable atmosphere beyond its size.
(Up to 2 adults. Up to 2 preschool children can bed-share.)

Room size
18.7 sqm
Bed size
2 beds / Width 100cm

Parkside TwinNumber of guests 1~3 persons

Parkside Twin

Three room types that allow you to slowly experience the changing scenery with the seasons. Popular not only during events but also for stays on special occasions.
The kangaroo bed (1 bed) which is added to the two beds, provides the same comfort with a regular type of mattress.
(For 1 to 3 adults allowed. Up to 1 preschool child can bed-share.)

Room size
22.7 sqm /23.3 sqm /26.4 sqm
Bed size
2~3 beds / Width 110cm~120cm

Semi-western room.Number of guests 1~4 persons

Semi-western room.

Experience the quiet and serene ambiance with a touch of Japanese aesthetics, ideal for relaxing with your family or friends. The bathroom and water-closet are in a separate space. With ample storage, you can use the room comfortably. It is equipped with two beds and two sets of futons.
(Up to 4 adults. Up to 4 preschool children can bed-share.)

Room size
46 sqm
Bed size
2 beds / Width 120cm+2 sets of futons


Permanent Fixtures
  • Bed /
  • Bath /
  • Toilet with Bidet /
  • Washstand /
  • TV /
  • Refrigerator /
  • Wi-Fi /
  • Wired LAN /
  • Air conditioning /
  • Internal telephone /
  • Electric kettle /
  • Hair dryer /
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Towel /
  • Bath towel /
  • Shampoo /
  • Conditioner /
  • Body soap /
  • Hand soap /
  • Body towel /
  • Toothbrush set /
  • Razor /
  • Nightwear /
  • Slippers /
  • Hairbrush /
  • Cotton swabs /
  • Mineral water /
  • Tea set
  • *Some of the above are available at the amenity bar in the lobby.

Ladies' Floor Limited

  • ORGANIT bath amenity set /
  • SKINTHEQUE&LAB skin care set
Loan items
  • Blankets /
  • Humidifier /
  • Hair iron /
  • Iron /
  • Pants press /Crib

Ladies' Floor Limited

  • Leg massager /
  • Panasonic Nanocare facial machine & steam iron /
  • Hair iron /
  • Eye esthetic /
  • Hand massager /
  • Air massager /
  • Multi massager /
  • Compact handy gun /
  • Pillow selection /
  • Clothing wrinkle remover mist
  • *All rooms are non-smoking.
  • *The layout of the rooms is subject to change without notice.
  • *Furnishings and amenities are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
  • *Rental quanities are limited. Please inquire at the front desk for more details.