Update Yourself in a Town of Mixed Culture and Values

You find here
museums, art galleries, a zoo, theaters and an art college.

A tapestry of cultural venues, each with unique flair,
Bestow academism upon this secluded space,
An atmosphere distinct, as if worlds apart,
Encircled by the quietude of forested grace.

Retro signboards,
sunburned display windows,
and with fragrant scents smoldering.

One would not say it is sophisticated,
nor brilliant.
but thriving in the old-town feel
indigenous to Japan.

Curiously, such two opposite values
agreeably coexist
in the unique town of Ueno.

Hotel Resol Ueno stands there
with the concept of
“a Hotel that Creates.”

Its spacious living lobby is not a mere reception,
but functions as a place
where the culture and people interact,
and fits the visitors into the town of Ueno.

Attached gallery
displays the works
of up-and-coming artists.

Also, stylish artwork
displayed here and there in the hotel
will be a spice for your stay,
giving a high grade of relaxation
together with the sense of culture in Ueno.

Just like the artworks look different
as one’s sense of value develops,
the landscape of Shitamachi develops
and looks different every time you visit.

Hotel Resol Ueno helps the traveler’s discovery of new value