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Hotel with a story

In a city where no two shapes are the same,
Original tales unfold.
Colors, sounds, and moments you can't experience elsewhere,
Gently envelop travelers.
Crafting unique, irreplaceable memories that are singular in all the world.


Resol Hotel, deeply rooted in each city, greets visitors with its distinctive character.
Experience the joy of discovering new worlds and cherish leisurely moments
with loved ones to your heart's content.


Respecting the local culture and arts, elevating them into our design. Aiming to make the hotel a reflection of the city itself,
from the ambiance to the finest details.
Packed with the unique dedication only Resol Hotel offers.

Eatwell Breakfast

Resol Hotel introduces 'Eatwell Breakfast,'
aiding in dietary improvement tailored to each individual's lifestyle and phase of life.
Enjoy breakfasts that can help realize your ideal self,
whether it's for glowing skin, fatigue recovery, or boosting immunity.


Striving for a space as comfortable as home.
Welcome aromas,
'shoes-off' rooms, beds ensuring deep sleep,
and meticulously designed relaxation spaces deeply rejuvenate from the travels' fatigue.

Hotel List

OUR HOTELSHotel Resol: 18 locations in total / Hotel Resol Stay: 1
location in total / Resol Poshtel: 1
location in total / Resort Hotel: 1 location in total