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About Customer Harassment

[Background of the Guidelines]

Resol Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") is dedicated to providing prompt and friendly service daily, ensuring guests enjoy their stay and dining experiences with peace of mind. In the pursuit of improving service quality, The Company has established and disclosed this policy to protect employees, considering recent changes in the working environment and current social situations where actions against employees could potentially disturb the working environment. It is noted that this initiative is not intended to eliminate the valuable opinions of customers.

[Assumptions and Responses to Customer Harassment]

The Company values customers' opinions as valuable advice and guidance, yet categorizes the following behaviors as customer harassment.

Note: The examples listed below, including those in parentheses, are illustrative and are not meant to be exhaustive.

1.When the content of a customer's request is unreasonable

  • (1) When there are no defects or negligence in the services provided by our company (requests for quality beyond reasonable standards).
  • (2) Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibilities (requests for bowing, apologies from the president or manager, demands for services not provided, calls to locations other than the place of business without reasonable cause, requests for internal disciplinary actions).

2.Means and manners of fulfilling requests that are socially inappropriate

  • (1) Physical aggression includes behaviors such as throwing objects, punching, kicking, and strong pushing.
  • (2) Mental aggression encompasses intimidating behavior, aggressive tone, threatening words or actions, behaviors that deny one's personality, verbal abuse, reprimanding, and includes slander on SNS and the internet.
  • (3) Repetition of the same content, demands for long hours or days in a row, or restrictive language or behavior, such as extended reprimands, non-departure, loitering, and confinement.
  • (4) Sexual or discriminatory language or behavior, privacy violations, and other personal infringements, including surveillance, filming, posting on SNS and the internet, and probing for personal information.
  • (5) Actions causing property damage, such as intentionally damaging buildings, furniture, facility equipment, or trees on premises, or excessive use of facilities like leaving water running, altering air conditioner settings, or leaving the refrigerator open.

If The Company determines any of these behaviors have occurred, it may refuse service and suspend or terminate the contract for accommodation or dining. Additionally, in cases deemed malicious, The Company may take measures such as consulting and reporting to external organizations, including lawyers and police. Advance notice of this policy is provided for information.

The above represents the current principles of The Company, which are continually being improved upon. The Company is committed to constantly enhancing efforts to provide the best possible service to customers.
Continued support and patronage are sincerely appreciated.

January 27, 2023