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Resol Hotel FAQ:
Please contact us if you have any unclear points not listed below.

About online room reservations

QCan I make a reservation even if I'm not a Resol Hotel member?
Yes, you can.
QIs it possible for someone other than the guest to make a reservation?
Yes it is.
QIs there a way to check the details of my reservation online?
■made with the old system, please use the links below.
Click here for reservations made by general customers
Click here for reservations made by Resol Card H members

■For customers who made reservations after 12:00 PM on Tuesday, January 18, 2022:
To confirm or cancel your reservation, click here
QWhen will I receive the reservation confirmation email?
It will be sent upon completion of the reservation. If not received, please contact the reserved hotel.
QI want to change the dates or details of my reservation. What should I do?
■For customers who made reservations before 8:59 AM on Tuesday, January 18, 2022:
To confirm or cancel reservations made with the old system, please use the links below.
Click here for reservations made by general customers
Click here for reservations made by Resol Card H members

■For customers who made reservations after 12:00 PM on Tuesday, January 18, 2022:
To confirm or cancel your reservation, click here
QCan I use gift certificates (gift cards)?
Unfortunately they cannot be used.
QCan I use electronic money?
It depends on the hotel. Please contact each hotel individually.
QIf the desired date is fully booked, can I be put on a waiting list?
We do not practice waiting lists.

About Resol Card H

01For customers interested in new membership:

QHow do I sign up?
  • (1) Enter the necessary information when reserving online, and receive your Resol Card at check-in.
  • (2) Complete the required fields on the application form and obtain your Resol Card at the hotel front desk.
  • *A valid ID is required for personal identification.
    Without it, we cannot provide the 'Resol Card H' membership card or the exclusive 'member services'. Please acknowledge this beforehand.
QIs there an expiration date for the card?
The card will expire if not used within two years from the last use.
QIs there an expiration date for the points?
Points will expire one year after the last point award or point usage.
QHow do I change my registration information?
Please reach out to the nearest Hotel Resol or contact the membership office at
QIs it possible to get a replacement if I lose my card?
We are unable to reissue lost cards. You will need to apply for a new membership card.
QI want to cancel my Resol Card H.
Please contact the nearest Hotel Resol or the membership office at

02About the points

QI have found my lost card. Can I combine the points with my current card?
It is not possible to combine points. Points will be awarded to only one of the cards.
QHow do I use my points?
Points can be used as 1 point equals 1 yen, in units of 500 points.
Please request at the front desk when you check in.
Points may be used towards the room charge of the member's stay.
QWhat qualifies for point accumulation?
Points are added for every 100 yen spent on accommodation fees, including tax, for room only or with breakfast.
If points are used or if a voucher is redeemed, points are added on the amount minus the voucher value.
Points are awarded for the member's occupied room only.
QDo the points awarded change depending on how I made the reservation?
Yes, they do. Points are added for direct reservations at the facility, through the official website, or via Resol Life Support Service at a rate of 1 point per 100 yen spent on accommodation (room only or with breakfast).
Bookings through travel agencies or websites like Rakuten Travel earn 30 points per room per night.
QAre points awarded for using the restaurant, Rakusis, or conference rooms?
Points are awarded only for using conference rooms. Present your card at the time of payment on the same day.
QCan points be used only for accommodation costs? What about meals, Rakusis, or stores?
Points can be used if you settle the bill at the hotel front desk.
However, you cannot use points for payments made at restaurants, cafes, sports plazas, activities, massages etc., that are settled outside the hotel front desk.
QAre subsidies included in the point credit when booking through the Life Support Service?
Yes, subsidies are included in the point credit.
QI have several cards; can I combine the points from them?
Points cannot be combined. However, customers with Resol Card G and Resol Card S can consolidate multiple cards of the same name into one.
  • *You must choose one membership and cancel the others.

Common questions about switching cards

01Regarding the membership system

QWhat are the differences from the conventional card?
Points earned can be applied to your accommodation fee (in increments of 500 points). For more information on benefits and services, please click here.
QWill my membership number change?
You will join the new membership system, and a new membership number (10 digits) will be issued.
QAre there any costs involved when switching?
"You will be a new member to the new membership system 'Resol Card H'. There will be no enrollment fee and no annual fee.
Only those who join the Resol Card H will have their existing points multiplied by 10 during the transition process.
However, only points that are still within the expiration date will be accepted."
QI have no plans for an upcoming stay. Is it only possible to transfer points at the hotel?
Within the validity period of the points on your current membership card (indicated on the card), please join the new membership system at your nearest Hotel Resol and complete the transfer process.
QCan I apply for the Resol Card H (new membership card) only at the hotel front desk?
Yes. To apply for the new membership, please fill out the application form at the hotel front desk and it will be issued immediately.
At this time, you will be asked to present identification to confirm your identity.
QIs it possible to revert to the original card?
Hotel Resol Card, Hotel Resol Card Premium and VIP will be terminated with the introduction of the new membership system.
Once the points have been transferred, they cannot be returned to the original card.
QThe existing Hotel Resol Card, Hotel Resol Card Premium, and VIP will be valid until when?
If your membership card is still valid, you can use it until the end of July 19, 2017.
After that, we kindly ask you to join (free of charge) the Resol Card H (new membership card) before using it.
QIf I fail to transfer points within the point transfer period, will my points be forfeited?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the points will expire. Points expire 1 year and 6 months from the date of last use.
QI lost my existing membership card, can it be reissued?
It cannot be reissued. Re-enrollment will be accepted until July 19, 2017, but will no longer be handled on that date.
After that, we recommend you to join the Resol Card H.

02Regarding Benefits

QWill the existing benefits change?
Some benefits will persist, while others will conclude.
The primary benefits reaching an end include the exchange for free accommodation vouchers and 10,000 yen cashback.
Please redeem your points as soon as possible to avail yourself of these redemption offers.
QHow long are the benefits applicable?
This policy will apply to reservations that have already been made.
However, redemption of 1,000 yen vouchers, free accommodation vouchers, and 10,000 yen cashback will cease on July 19th.
QWill the Rakusis discount service that was offered in the former HRP Ladies be discontinued?
Yes, it will end due to the downsizing of Rakusis stores.
However, special plans are being considered at each facility. Please inquire at the store you frequent.
QCan I get cashback with the Resol Card H (new membership card)?
Unfortunately, cashback is not available. Please use the cashback service before the Hotel Resol Card expires.
QIs the late checkout benefit still available under the new membership system?
Yes, it is available. You can extend your checkout time by up to one hour beyond the normal check-out time (varies by hotel) for free.
QWill the system of priority waiting for VIP members be discontinued?
Yes, it will be discontinued as it is not included in the new membership system.
QCan I continue to use the upgrade or golf gift certificates I have acquired as long as they remain valid?
Yes, you can use them as long as they are within the valid period.
QIf I use a conference room under the new membership system, will it be eligible for point accumulation?
Yes, it will be eligible.
QDoes the new membership program offer member rates for lodging?
"Yes, it does.
Rates vary by hotel, so please inquire with each hotel or check the members-only reservation page on our website."
QDoes the new membership program provide member pricing for breakfast?
We offer this service within relaxation services.
Please inquire with each hotel as fees vary by hotel.

03Regarding points

QWhat happens to the points I have accumulated so far?
The Hotel Resol Card, Hotel Resol Card Premium, and VIP memberships will be discontinued.
However, for those who join the Resol Card H, we will multiply your existing points by 10 during the transition.
Please note that this applies only to points within the valid period.
QI have multiple cards. Can I combine and transfer them?
If you have multiple old cards under the same name, they can be combined and transferred to the new card.
However, combining Hotel Resol Card and Hotel Resol Card Premium is not possible.
QI have multiple cards. Can I combine them to redeem the benefits of the old cards?
If you have multiple old cards under the same name, they can be combined for redemption.
However, combining Hotel Resol Card and Hotel Resol Card Premium is not possible.
QCan the Golf Resol Card or Smile Card be transferred?
The Golf Resol Card can only be transferred at golf courses.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but please complete the enrollment process at the golf course.
The Smile Card (Resol no mori) also requires the enrollment process to be completed at Resol no mori.

04Regarding reservations

QI made a reservation through your website. What happens after July 20?
Reservations accepted up until July 19 will be honored as scheduled.
Points will be awarded to the Hotel Resol Card and Hotel Resol Card Premium until July 19. Points will be awarded after July 20 only to those who have joined Resol Card H.
QI don't have any plans to stay in the near future. What will the accommodation rates be after July 20th?
Member rates will apply on the condition that you join (transition to) Resol Card H within the valid period of your Hotel Resol Card or Hotel Resol Card Premium points.
Without joining, you will not have membership status and will be charged the standard rate.


QI would like to request a refund of the annual fee paid for the Hotel Resol Card Premium.
We apologize, but we cannot provide a refund.


QDo you have extra beds?
Availability of extra beds varies by hotel. Please contact each hotel directly.
QCan I make reservations for different room types?
Our system does not allow for reservations of different room types in one booking. Please make separate reservations for each room type.
QDo the guest rooms have toilets with bidet functions?
This varies by hotel. Please check with each individual hotel.
QCan I bring my pet?
We do not accommodate pets.
QIs it possible to stay with a guide dog or service dog?
Yes, that is possible.
QWhat should I do if I'm going to arrive late?
Please contact the hotel directly.
QIs there a curfew?
Curfew policies vary by hotel. Please inquire with each hotel.
QCan minors stay unaccompanied?
Minors need a signed parental consent form. Please download, print, complete the necessary items, and bring it to the front desk.
≫ Parental Consent Form (PDF)
QIs breakfast included?
Breakfast is available for an additional charge.

About Lowest Rate Guarantee

For reservations made through the 'Resol Hotel & Resort' official website or directly by phone or visit to the hotel, we guarantee the lowest sale price for Resol Card H members and affiliated corporate clients compared to any other general reservation site. If the rate you have booked is higher than another general reservation site, please declare it at check-in and we will discount the difference.

The lowest rate guarantee assumes the same conditions for each of the following items:

  • ・The facilities used are the same
  • ・The accommodation plan is the same
  • ・The accommodation dates (arrival and departure) are the same
  • ・The method of payment is the same
  • ・The check-in and check-out times are the same
  • ・The included services are the same and the room type is the same
  • ・The benefits are the same
  • ・The number of staying guests is the same


The lowest price is always shown including consumption tax and service tax.
Plans not involving our company, such as certain member plans, corporate contracts, shareholder benefits, auctions, travel agent planned and sold plans, and private sales, are not eligible.