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Resol Hotels aims to create a space as comfortable and welcoming as one's own home. Delightful touches are introduced to enhance the stay experience, including a signature welcome aroma, rooms designed for relaxation, and custom-designed beds ensuring a restful sleep.

Living lobby

The aspiration at Resol Hotels is to offer an alternate sanctuary. Even on a first visit, guests discover a unique space that combines the comfort of home with a personalized travel experience crafted uniquely for each visitor.

Shoes off style

Experience true comfort that comes with shedding shoes at Resol Hotels. Every room invites guests to embrace the shoes-off policy, creating a pause between the outside world and an indoor haven, settling the soul.


Guests can immerse themselves in the abundance of hot water and stunning vistas at hotels featuring large communal baths. Unwinding and warming up while taking in views of manicured gardens or city nightscapes melts away travel weariness. The liberating sense of relaxation offered in this space is something to relish.

Original welcome aroma

The embrace of comfort is felt with each 'welcome back' and 'see you soon.' The sophisticated fragrance of the original welcome aroma deepens the sense of a special journey, enveloping guests in serenity and peace.

Original bed

Bespoke beds at Resol Hotels promise a night of deep sleep. Featuring memory foam developed by NASA and individual pocketed coil springs, a supremely comfortable sleep experience is guaranteed until morning.


Cleanse the spirit amidst verdant surroundings at Resol Hotel. The lush greenery provides a serene escape from urban frenzy, ideal for tranquil moments. Observing the subtle changes in foliage through the seasons is also a cherished pastime.