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Membership Agreement

Please read the entire Terms of Use before applying.

[Name and Operation]

Article 1

Paragraph 1:
The membership organization is named Resol Card H' and the membership information shall belong to Resol Life Support Corporation (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company'), and the company manages the operations of the membership organization.
However, the company's group companies such as Resol Hotel Corporation or Resol Group Hotels are entrusted with the business of accepting new memberships, granting points to members, issuing and accepting gift certificates, and handling member information on behalf of the company.


Article 2

Paragraph 1:
In this agreement, 'member' refers to an individual who has approved this agreement, completed the specified membership application process, and has been approved by the company and issued a 'Resol Card H' (hereinafter referred to as the 'membership card').

[Enrollment Fee and Annual Fee]

Article 3

Paragraph 1:
Regarding membership registration, there shall be no enrollment fee or annual fee.

[Membership Application Procedure]

Article 4

Paragraph 1:
If you wish to register as a member, please enter the required information on the web membership registration screen or fill out the membership application form correctly and submit it to the front desk of a hotel eligible for Resol Card H' in the Resol Group. Please present the identification designated by the company when the membership card is issued. The company will issue a membership card upon verification. If an applicant falls under any of the following items, the company may not accept the membership application:
  • (1) The applicant is already a 'Resol Card H' member.
  • (2) If there are any falsehoods, errors, or omissions in the contents of the membership application.
  • (3) The applicant is, or has been in the past, a member or associate member of an organized crime group or similar organization.
  • (4) The applicant has had any of his memberships in the Resol Group suspended or revoked prior to applying for membership.
  • (5) In other cases where the company deems it inappropriate for the application to become a member.

[Benefits and Membership Card Granted to Members]

Article 5

Paragraph 1:
The company shall grant the following benefits to members:
  • (1) 第6Granting of points as specified in Article 6.
  • (2) Preferential use of all or part of the facilities operated by the company, facilities operated by Resol Group companies, and facilities affiliated with the company (hereinafter referred to as 'preferential use facilities', excluding facilities subject to point accumulation as specified in Article 6, paragraph 1).
Paragraph 2:
The membership card may only be usable by the person listed on it and cannot be transferred or lent to others, regardless of the reason. Additionally, even if a member is registered with multiple memberships, the points granted for each membership cannot be combined for use.
Paragraph 3:
The company assumes no responsibility for any unauthorized use of the membership card by a third party due to its loss or theft. In the event of loss or theft of the membership card, the company will not reissue the same card or the points as specified in Article 6.


Article 6

Section 1:
Point Accumulation
  • (1) Points (hereinafter referred to as 'Points') will be accumulated when using 'Resol Card H' at designated hotels and other specified company facilities such as golf courses (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'Points Eligible Facilities').
    • 1.For stays at 'Resol Card H' eligible hotels:
      • a.Points are awarded only when reservations are made directly with the hotel, through the Hotel Resol official website (, or through the Resol Life Support Service website (, at the rate of 1 point per 100 yen of the room rate (applicable only to the member's own accommodation fee and rounded down to the nearest 100 yen), which will be added at the hotel's front desk upon check-in.
        Members must present their membership card at check-in to accumulate points, and points cannot be awarded after check-in has been completed.
        • *For bookings made through the Resol Life Support Service website, points will be added at the rate of 1 point per 100 yen based on the booked accommodation fee (if the accommodation fee is discounted by applying subsidies or other points, points will be calculated based on the original, non-discounted accommodation fee).
        • *The term 'accommodation fee' refers to the room rate without meals or with breakfast only. For stays under other plans (for example, including dinner and breakfast), points will be awarded up to the equivalent value of a room with breakfast only.
      • b.For bookings made through travel agencies, including online agents, the points addition described in a. does not apply, and a flat rate of 30 points per night will be awarded, regardless of the amount spent.
      • c.The following are excluded from points accumulation:
        • -Payments not made at the front desk.
        • -Uses of Points Eligible Facilities paid for with points.
        • -Items such as tobacco, vouchers (gift certificates, discount vouchers, gift cards, tickets, prepaid cards, stamps, postage stamps, etc.), and box charges.
        • -Purchases from beverage vending machines, parking fees, etc.
        • -Charges such as shipping fees, membership fees, annual fees, entry fees, and payments for accounts receivable.
        • -Other facilities, goods, and services designated by the company as not eligible for points.
    • 2.For the use of 'Resol Card H' designated hotel conference rooms
    • 3.For the use of other facilities such as company-specified golf courses The point issuance rate and conditions for the use of other facilities, such as company-specified golf courses, vary by facility.
      Please check the points to be awarded at the time of check-in at each golf course.
      Members are required to present their membership card upon check-in to receive points.
Section 2:
Point Usage or Exchange of Points
  • (1) In 'Resol Card H' eligible hotels and other designated facilities by the company, every 500 accumulated points can be used as payment equivalent to 500 yen or exchanged for a 500 yen gift certificate. Please note that gift certificates are only valid within the expiration date stated on them.
  • (2) Points used or exchanged will be deducted from the accumulated points printed on the member's card.
  • (3) Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • (4) Presentation of the membership card is required when using or exchanging points. Without presenting the membership card, points cannot be used or exchanged due to management reasons.
Section 3:
Point Expiration Date
The validity of points is set to one year from the last use date of points eligible facilities and from the last use date of the points by the member.
Once the validity period has expired, the accumulated points printed on the member's card will become null and void regardless of their presence.

[Preferential Usage]

Article 7

Paragraph 1:
Members are entitled to preferential access to facilities as outlined in Article 5. Note that for some facilities, members may need to reserve in advance, indicating their membership, or usage may be subject to specific date and time restrictions.
Paragraph 2:
The details and terms of preferential access at these facilities are subject to change at the company’s discretion and may differ across facilities.
Paragraph 3:
Members must present their membership card upon commencing use of any preferential facility. Absence of this card will preclude access to preferential treatment.
Paragraph 4:
Points will not be accrued for preferential usage at these facilities.
Paragraph 5:
Members availing preferential access will incur additional facility usage fees.

[Notification of Changes]

Article 8

Paragraph 1:
Should any changes occur in the address, contact phone number, etc., initially provided to the company, please inform the front desk of the membership facility or the membership office at (


Article 9

Paragraph 1:
Members may withdraw at any point upon request.
Paragraph 2:
Membership will automatically terminate, requiring the return of the membership card, if:
  • (1) No update of the member's information occurs for two years following the last entry on the membership card or the latest update according to Article 8.

[Cancellation of Membership]

Article 10

The company may immediately suspend or revoke membership without prior notice in cases such as:

Paragraph 1:
The death of a member.
Paragraph 2:
Discovery of false information in the membership application.
Paragraph 3:
Breach of these terms or facility usage agreements by the member.
Paragraph 4:
Use of the membership card by a non-member.
Paragraph 5:
Association of the member with antisocial groups, like organized crime.
Paragraph 6:
Accommodating or referring members or associates of organized crime or similar groups.
Paragraph 7:
Discovery of previous suspension or revocation of various Resol Group memberships, either before or after acquiring membership.
Paragraph 8:
Any other instances where the company deems membership inappropriate.

[Accidents involving Members]

Article 11

Paragraph 1:
Members use points-eligible and preferential facilities at their own responsibility and risk. The company is not liable for any theft, injury, or other accidents occurring during their use.


Article 12

Paragraph 1:
The company may terminate 'Resol Card H' at its discretion, notifying members in a deemed appropriate manner or through an announcement on the company's website.

[Regarding Personal Information]

Article 13

The company will acquire personal information for the following purposes of use and will use such information within the scope of the respective purposes of use and within the scope of the consent of the individual concerned.

Paragraph 1:
Purpose of Using Member's Personal Information
  • (1) For the smooth operation of the point programs (including the issuance of membership cards) related to the issuance, calculation, and use of the points.
  • (2) To contact members by e-mail and other means of notification as necessary in relation to the use of the points.
  • (3) To inform members of various campaigns and events related to the points, and provide the latest information on facilities operated or products sold by the company and its affiliates, through various notification methods, including e-mail.
  • (4) For other purposes that are similar to or closely related to the above purposes.
  • (5) To appropriately respond to inquiries from members.
Paragraph 2:
When entrusting business operations for the purposes defined in the preceding paragraph (referred to as the ""Purposes of Use""), the company shall carefully select service providers that handle registrant information appropriately, and conclude contracts with these providers regarding the handling of registrant information.

[Joint Use of Personal Information]

Article 14

The company may use personal information obtained through member registration jointly with other Resol Group companies as needed.

Paragraph 1:
Purpose of Joint Use
The company will provide members with information on the following companies or group companies free of charge:
  • (1) Information on low rates, special events and campaigns for golf courses and hotels
  • (2) Information on the latest properties such as villas, resort condominiums, etc.
  • (3) Latest information on golf memberships and resort memberships
  • (4) Domestic and international travel information
  • (5) Discount price information on golf equipment, leisure goods, etc.
  • (6) Information on the sale of items related to education, health, childcare, nursing care, and other aspects of daily life
  • (7) Information on events, campaigns, etc., to be hosted (co-hosted, or sponsored) by the company or its group companies
  • (8) Requests for surveys
  • (9) Responses to inquiries, requests for materials, etc.
  • (10)Other information on new products planned, developed, and sold by the company or its group companies
Paragraph 2:
Personal Information Items to be Shared
  • (1) 'Attribute Information' such as name, birth date, gender, address, phone number, fax number, email address, etc.
  • (2) 'Contract Information' like contract type, enrollment date, card name, card (membership) number, expiration date, etc.
Paragraph 3:
Responsibility for Personal Information Management
The company assumes the responsibility for managing shared registrant information.

[Provision of Information]

Article 15

Information will be disseminated under the name of the company, registration office, membership office, or one of the Resol Group companies as defined in Article 14.

Paragraph 1:
Information will be provided by the company using the following methods:
  • (1) Enclosing materials with correspondence (via mail, courier, etc.)
  • (2) Distributing direct mail (DM) (via mail, courier service, etc.)
  • (3) Fax
  • (4) Email magazine distribution
  • (5) Email delivery to PCs and mobile phones.
  • (6) Posting on the website.
  • (7) Distributing guidebooks, newsletters, and other periodic publications (via mail, courier service, etc.)
  • (8) Other communication methods deemed appropriate by the company.
Paragraph 2:
Members can request to stop or resume information services. Such requests should be made to the membership office.

[Adherence to Membership Terms and Conditions]

Article 16

Paragraph 1:
Members must adhere to these terms and conditions, including the rules set by points-eligible and preferential use facilities.

[Amendments to Membership Terms and Conditions]

Article 17

Paragraph 1:
The company may revise the terms and conditions, including changes or additions to these terms, the points grant rate, and changes, additions, or discontinuation of points-eligible facilities and preferential use without prior consent from members.
Paragraph 2:
The company shall notify members of the contents of the preceding paragraph in a manner it deems appropriate, or on the company's website.
However, if obtaining individual consent from members is required by laws or regulations, such consent shall be obtained before the amendments take effect.

[Matters for Consultation]

Article 18

Paragraph 1:
Any ambiguity or uncertainty arising in the interpretation of the terms and conditions shall be resolved through consultation between the company and the member.


Article 19

Paragraph 1:
In the event of a dispute between the member and the company, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court for the first instance.


Article 20

Paragraph 1:
These membership terms and conditions will be effective from January 18, 2022.