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Coverage / Shooting

To protect the privacy of hotel guests, any filming, photography, or publication is strictly prohibited without prior permission.

[Permission for Interviews, Photography, and Publication]

  • 1.When conducting interviews or photography at the hotel, prior approval from the company is required.
  • 2.The relevant department of the company will confirm the purpose, content, and scope of use of the photography in writing or by electromagnetic means to assess whether the request can be approved.
  • 3.The confirmation process may take some time. Please submit your application through the designated form at least 5 business days before the desired date.
  • 4.If interviews, photography, or publication occurs without our permission, and if there are violations of our designated filming rules, laws, regulations, dangerous activities, or disruptive behaviors, we may ask you to stop or leave the premises.
  • 5.We may ask you to submit videos or photos in advance of publication.
  • 6.In the event that we deem that a video or photo is not in compliance with our filming permission standards or is not appropriate, we may refuse to publish it or request the removal of the post.
  • 7.After confirming permission for interviews or photography, please make a reservation for your stay.

[Rules for Interviews, Photography, and Publication]

  • 1.Please be mindful not to cause inconvenience or disturbance to other guests using the hotel.
    • *Please do not point cameras, conduct interviews, occupy common areas, stop people in their tracks, make loud noises, or shout, etc.
  • 2.Please do not disclose any identifiable information about other guests, such as their faces or vehicle license plates.
  • 3.Interviewing or photography in common areas outside your own room is prohibited.
    *If you are found to be filming in common areas (in the public baths including dressing rooms, private baths, etc. ) without permission, we may check the data in your recording equipment.
  • 4.Please refrain from storing equipment in common areas.
  • 5.If damage or loss occurs to hotel property or belongings of other guests, we may charge you for the damages.
  • 6.Approval is required for the use of smartphones, mobile phones, and any devices capable of capturing still images or videos.
  • 7.Please restore used items (tables, chairs, etc. ) to their original condition.
  • 8.Please do not use the space for any purpose other than that for which it was applied for.
  • 9.If we revoke permission for interviews, photography, or publication based on our judgment, please follow our instructions promptly.
  • 10.Please send us a sample of the media to be used for publication (for our management) after filming.

[Prohibited Actions]

  • 1.Acts that obstruct or may obstruct the operation of the company and the hotel
  • 2.Acts that obstruct or may obstruct the use of the company and the hotel by its customers
  • 3.Acts that cause or may cause disadvantage, damage, or inconvenience to the company, the hotel, or other customers
  • 4.Acts that infringe or may infringe the portrait rights of customers and employees of the company and the hotel
  • 5.Acts that damage or may damage copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights
  • 6.Acts or expressions that violate or may violate laws and regulations, or public order and morals
  • 7.Acts and expressions that are harmful, obscene, or violent
  • 8.Acts and expressions that are or may be criminal
  • 9.Acts and expressions that are prohibited by social media operators.
  • 10.Other acts and expressions that are deemed inappropriate by the company.
    • *Requests beyond the above may not be accommodated, so further inquiries are welcome for more details.


  • 1.Filming might be declined during busy or crowded periods.
  • 2.Should the content of the photography differ from what is approved in the application, the right to revoke permission is reserved.
  • 3.When publishing videos or images on platforms like YouTube or SNS, adherence to the terms of prohibited actions is required.
  • 4.Thumbnails and titles will be evaluated as well. Non-compliance with the prohibited actions may lead to a denial of publication.
  • 5.Pointing cameras at guests might cause discomfort. Consideration is requested to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone.


  • 1.Should unauthorized interviews or photography be discovered, or if it is deemed necessary to review videos or images captured by a guest, the relevant equipment may be inspected. In cases where data is lost due to intentional or negligent actions during this process, no responsibility is assumed.
  • 2.For any disputes among guests related to interviews, photography, or publication, no responsibility is assumed.
  • 3.In instances where permission is revoked based on rules, prohibitions, or precautions, no responsibility is borne for any damages incurred by the applicant or any persons involved.

Applications and Inquiries Regarding Interviews, Photography, and Publication

Resol Corporation

Please use the inquiry form below and select 'About Interviews' to apply or inquire.

*The approval process may take some time, so please contact the hotel well in advance.