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Hotel Resol aspires to be a 'kind company'.

Here, 'environmentally friendly' initiatives such as CO2 reduction are our primary focus.

Strategically positioned amenities in the lobby to minimize plastic waste and promote sustainable resource use.

Certain amenities like specific plastic products mandated by the country (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs, razors, shower caps, etc.) are available at the lobby amenity bar. Guests are encouraged to take only what they need to their rooms, thereby reducing plastic usage.

  • *The selection of amenities at the amenity bar varies by hotel.
    Please verify on each hotel's website.


The environmental conservation effort at the hotel entails that for multiple-night stays, room cleaning is limited to 'towel/bath towel exchange, trash collection, and mineral water top-up' only.

  • *For sanitary reasons, rooms are cleaned every four nights.
  • *Additional cleaning on non-scheduled days is available for a fee. Requests for this service should be made at the front desk before 10:00 am.

Resource efficiency and waste reduction through dispenser use

Single-use amenities in certain rooms are being progressively replaced with dispensers to cut down on plastic resource use.

Regarding toilet paper rolls:

Guests are encouraged to completely use toilet paper rolls to help minimize resource waste.

Saving electricity and water

During summer, to prevent rooms from overheating, curtains are kept closed during the day. Stickers in the bathroom prompt guests to participate in water conservation.