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Immerse yourself in the ambiance of Kaga Temari's clear and melodious tones echoing through the town.
The history of Kanazawa traces back to 1546 when Kanazawa Godo was constructed by the followers of the Ikkyu sect, and under the governance of the Maeda family during the Sengoku period, traditional culture, such as craftsmanship and performing arts, flourished.
Situated in one of the most historical and cultural cities in Japan, our hotel embodies the profound traditions of the city.


We would like to introduce several special features of Hotel Resol Trinity Kanazawa that will make your stay more comfortable and relaxing.

  • Shoes off style

    The relaxation that comes from taking off your shoes. Resol Hotels adopt a shoes-off style in all rooms. The in-between moments created by the transition from the external to internal space and the act of taking off shoes bring a sense of calmness to the heart.

  • Original bed

    Our original beds promise a deep sleep. Utilizing low-resilience materials developed by NASA for astronauts and independent pocket coil springs, we provide you with an excellent night's sleep that lasts until morning.

  • Green

    Cleanse the spirit amidst verdant surroundings at Resol Hotel. The lush greenery provides a serene escape from urban frenzy, ideal for tranquil moments. Observing the subtle changes in foliage through the seasons is also a cherished pastime.

  • Original welcome aroma

    The comforting scents of "welcome home" and "see you later."
    Crafted by Kanazawa's long-established incense specialty store, Koya, these elegant fragrances enhance the sense of exclusivity, while adding a serene and peaceful atmosphere to your travel experience.

Guest Rooms

From the materials to the furniture and objets d'art, down to the smallest accessories, our guest rooms are meticulously designed. This attention to detail creates a special space that exudes a sense of calm and relaxation.


The hotel restaurant "iL-CHIANTI" is an Italian-style diner with over 40 locations in Japan. Not only can you enjoy the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner, but you can also start your day with a buffet-style breakfast offering about 30 dishes crafted with local ingredients.


We offer a variety of services to ensure a pleasant stay for all travelers, whether for business or leisure.

Comfortable and elegant moments await you. Our Ladies' Floor, exclusively designed for women, offers a variety of amenities and features tailored to women's preferences, ensuring a higher level of hotel stay.