The following is a list of frequently asked questions about Hotel Resol Trinity Kanazawa.
If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact the hotel.

About Accommodation

01About Front Desk Assistant

QWhat are the check-in and check-out times?
For stays until 31 March 2024 (Sunday):
Check-in is at 14:00, and check-out is at 11:00.

For stays from 1st April 2024 (Monday) onwards:
Check-in is at 15:00, and check-out is at 11:00.

Please note that check-in and check-out times may vary depending on the plan. Please contact the hotel directly for more information.
QWhat time is the latest check-in possible?
We can manage late-night check-ins if informed in advance.
In the case of arrivals after midnight (24:00), please note that the main entrance door is locked for security reasons.
Please use the intercom to call the front desk staff for assistance.
QCan I leave my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
Luggage storage service is available at the front desk.
QDo you accept credit cards?
We accept VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, UC and DC.
QDo you offer cleaning services?
If you drop off your laundry to the front desk by 10:00 in the morning, they will be ready around 17:00 on the same day.
  • *Please note that cleaning services are not available on Sundays and holidays.
QCan I send a parcel?
Courier services are available at the front desk 24 hours a day.
(Packages received after 14:00 will be shipped the next day.)
QIs there a curfew?
There is no specific curfew. However, for security reasons, the front entrance door is automatically locked at midnight (24:00). Please unlock the door with your room key to enter.

02About Accommodations with Children

QCan I sleep with my child?
Only preschool children are allowed to stay with one accompanying adult at no additional charge. Please note that bedding and amenities for children are not provided.
QDo you have cribs?
Available for 1,000 yen per night.
As quantities are limited, please make a reservation in advance by phone.
QDo you have yukata for children?
We have yukata, slippers and toothbrushes for children.
Please inform the front desk if you need them.

About Room amenities

QCan I connect to the Internet in my room?
Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire hotel. High-speed optical wired LAN is also available in guest rooms.
QWhat TV channels are available in the guest rooms?
Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting - NHK General / NHK Education / TV Kanazawa (NTV affiliate) / Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting (TV Asahi affiliate) / Hokuriku Broadcasting (TBS affiliate) / Ishikawa TV (Fuji TV affiliate) BS Digital Broadcasting - NHK Satellite 1 / NHK Satellite 2 / NHK h / BS NTV / BS Asahi / BS-i / BS Japan / BS Fuji / BS11 / BS12 / BBC
QIs there any beverage in the room's refrigerator?
All rooms are equipped with an empty refrigerator.
The refrigerator is turned off to conserve power.
Please turn on the power switch when using.
QCan I have meals in my room?
Room service is not available.
Delivery and parcel delivery service are restricted for security reasons. Bringing in food and beverages is allowed.
QWhat is the view from the room?
Rooms on the east side face Hyakumangoku Dori (National Route 157), offering a view of Kanazawa City towards Kanazawa Castle Park.
Rooms on the west side provide a view of Kanazawa City towards Kanazawa Station.

About this property

01About Property amenities

QDo you have an ice maker?
Ice makers are available in vendor rooms (vending machine corner) on the 3rd and 7th floors.
QAre there vending machines for drinks and cigarettes?
We have vending machines inside the hotel offering soft drinks, canned beer and canned chu-hai (Japanese cocktail).
Cigarettes are not available.
QAre there any stores or souvenir shops?
There are no stores or souvenir shops within the hotel.
QDo you have a communal bath?
There are no communal bath facilities in the hotel.
QIs there a laundromat?
Two washing and drying machines are available in the hotel. (Wash and dry / 500 yen per use)
QIs there pay TV available?
Sorry, we do not provide paid broadcasting services.

02About Dining

QI would like to add breakfast to my plan.
Breakfast is available for 1,700 yen.
  • *Free for preschool children.
QWhat about the dinner?
You can enjoy meals at the Italian-style dining "iL CHIANTI" on the 1st floor. (Opening Hours: 17:30–22:00).
Information about nearby restaurants is available at the lobby on the 1st floor.
QCan I smoke in the restaurant?
Smoking is prohibited throughout the day. Please use the smoking area on the 1st floor lobby.

About Access and Parking

QDoes the hotel have a parking lot?
Please refer to the parking information on the "Access" Page.
QIs there a shuttle service from Kanazawa Station?
We do not provide shuttle service.
The hotel is located approximately a 12-minute walk from Kanazawa Stationin in the direction of Musashi and Korinbo.
For those in a hurry, we recommend using a bus or taxi.
QWhich bus should I take from Kanazawa Station?
From Kanazawa Station, take the bus bound for "Korinbo" from bus stops 3, 8 to 10 at the Kenrokuen Exit (East Exit).
Get off at the second bus stop "Musashigatsuji / Onmicho Ichiba-mae," and walk for 1 minute along Hyakumangoku-dori towards Korinbo, the hotel will be on your right.
QCan I make a reservation for parking?
Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis on the day, and we will guide you to the dedicated parking lot or affiliated parking lot.
Reservations are not accepted. We apologize for the inconvenience.
QCan I park my motorcycle at the hotel?
Please park at our affiliated parking lot "M'ZA Sky Parking."
The same rate will be applied as for regular cars.


QCan I stay with my pet?
We do not accept pet accommodations.
Only service dogs and guide dogs are allowed to stay in the same room.
QCan I exchange foreign currency?
We do not provide currency exchange services within the hotel.
However, there are several financial institutions in the vicinity that you can use. Additionally, you can exchange foreign currency at the department store (Meitetsu M'ZA), which is a 1-minute walk from the hotel.
QIs there a convenience store nearby?
There is a 7-Eleven convenience store located south of the hotel, just a 1-minute walk away. (liquor and cigarettes are available)
QAre there any hospitals nearby?
The Kanazawa Seirei Hospital, a general hospital, is located within a 15-minute walking distance from the hotel. (Nighttime emergency services are available)
QAre there any places nearby where I can have a meal?
Within a 1-minute walk from the hotel, you'll find the "Ohmicho Market." This bustling market features a variety of popular shops offering fresh seafood and mountain delicacies from the local Kanazawa area.
The operating hours vary by store, with some opening as early as around 7:00 AM and closing around 10:00 PM.
  • *Please note that many stores are closed on Sundays or Wednesdays.
QAre there any tourist attractions nearby?
There are many famous tourist spots within a 20-minute walk.
QDo you have bicycle rental services?
The nearest port for Kanazawa Rental Cycle "Machinori" is available.
For details, please inquire at the hotel front desk or visit the Machinori website.