Living lobby

Living lobby

Living Lobby based on the concept of "Ship, Sea, Greenery and Relaxation"

Immerse yourself in a space inspired by the elements of the sea, harbor and ships in Hakodate. Enjoy a leisurely time reading a book or chatting with a cup of coffee in hand. When you glance up, you'll catch a glimpse of greenery, and a view of passing streetcars through the glass.

As if you are on a journey by ship

The lighting in the living lobby features marine lamps commonly used in maritime settings. Additionally, the walls showcase items like oars, evoking a sense of the sea, creating an ambiance that feels as if you are on a journey by ship.

Feel the exotic atmosphere in the northern land

Right at the entrance, a deformed map of Hakodate is displayed. Combined with the sight of trams passing by outside the window, it creates a sense of excitement as if travelers have arrived in a distant foreign land, gently enveloping them in the experience.