Eatwell Breakfast: Smart & Delicious

At Resol Hotel restaurants, we offer the "Eatwell Breakfast" to help each guest improve their dietary habits, tailored to their individual lifestyle and stage of life.
Whether for multi-night stays or extended visits, we offer a diverse range of menus to ensure a consistently appealing dining experience.
Enjoy "Eatwell" breakfast at Resol Hotel which is both healthy and delicious.


Breakfast Buffet with about 30 Kinds of Food

Enjoy a delightful breakfast with a stunning view of Hakodate at our top-floor restaurant! Revel in the panoramic scenery of Hakodate while savoring our proud breakfast crafted with a focus on Hokkaido's finest ingredients. With a starting time at 6:30, it's a comforting choice for early-rising business professionals.

Opening Hours
Adult: 2,000 yen per person / Elementary school student:1,000 yen per person
  • *Reservation one day in advance Adult: 1,700 yen
  • *Children under 6 years old are free of charge. Prices include tax.

Non-guests (for breakfast only)

Adult: 2,300 yen per person / Elementary school student:1,300 yen per person
10F Restaurant "Ichiban"


Delight in our proud course menu while enjoying the night view of Hakodate.

Indulge in a seven-course meal featuring Hokkaido crossbred beef shabu-shabu, tempura, and sushi. Enjoy your dinner while taking in the mesmerizing night view of Hakodate. If you would like to include dinner, please reserve the plan with two meals.

17:00~19:00 *Reservations are required.
Start time will be confirmed at check-in.