Versatile Spaces are available to meet various needs, including assemblies, conferences, banquets, and get-togethers.

Banquet 3F


The banquet hall is versatile and can be used for various purposes such as wedding receptions, parties, seminars, and more. It can also be set up in a conference style. Please feel free to inquire about hosting various events, including wedding receptions or unveiling parties.

Venue Name Area Capacity 1 hour All day
Mihana 152 sqm 60〜150 people 26,400 yen 211,200 yen
Katsuki 76 sqm 36〜90 people 13,200 yen 105,600 yen
Setsune 76 sqm 36〜90 people 13,200 yen 105,600 yen
  • *Taxes & service charges included.


Meetingroom A・Meetingroom B

We can accommodate various business-style uses, including internal conferences, business negotiations, and meetings. The serene atmosphere is also ideal for celebrations such as Shichi-Go-San and family gatherings. Make use of our facilities for meetings with your valued clients. We can also accommodate bento box lunches and Western course meals for get-togethers. Please feel free to contact us.

Venue Name Area Capacity 1 hour All day
Meetingroom A 36 sqm 24〜45 people 5,500 yen 44,000 yen
Meetingroom B 26 sqm 12〜25 people 4,400 yen 35,200 yen
  • *Taxes & service charges included.

Rental Options

We have a variety of facilities for meetings and banquets. Please contact us for more information.

LCD Projectors 8,800 yen
DVD deck 8,800 yen
Motorized Screens *Mihana・Katsuki only 120 in 2,200 yen
Freestanding Screens 100 in or 80 in 2,200 yen
White board 1.8m × 0.9m Free of charge
Lecture stand Free of charge
Emcee stand Free of charge
Wireless microphone *Mihana・Katsuki・Setsune only Free of charge
Bingo game Free of charge
  • *Taxes & service charges included.

Banquet and Conference Inquiries


We offer a variety of plans to suit the number of guests and your budget. Please feel free to contact us.