We offer hospitality that appeal to all five senses of the guests.
During the initial check-in, our guests can enjoy aroma therapy and smile of our hotel staff in the lobby.
Each guestroom provides warm atmosphere with our custom-made beds offering you a cozy slumber.
Breakfast is prepared with local foodstuffs.
Besides the guestroom, we offer the common living area located in the lobby as "another place" where our guests can relax.

The Hotel Resol is convenient for business trips and vacations,
as all of our city hotels are located in the heart of each city and in walking-distance from the nearby stations.
Spend the precious time of relaxation indulging yourself in luxurious private time,
by relaxing in hot springs that heal your body and mind, playing golf all day in abundant nature privately,
or enjoying water activities in resort island away from everyday life.
The lobby that welcomes you with the scent of aroma and smile,
and the room filled with warm light will relax your five senses and loosen your heart.
It's the "another place" where you can relax the most.