Where People and the City Intertwine: A Tapestry of Cultures

Japan opened the port of Yokohama in 1859,
and a Japanese version of Silk Road, “Kinu no Michi” was built
connecting Hachioji and Yokohama.
Haramachida (now Machida) flourished as the halfway point.

Many people came to this strategic point of distribution
where rest houses for carriages lined,
and now it is a town of mixed culture
as an intersection of different cultures.

You can have a glimpse of the young power of the students
from the high schools and colleges around the town,
and feel the quiet fighting spirit of the workers of nearby factories
who support the Japanese economy.
The US camp of Zama sends the air overseas
and the sound of housing complex and commercial district
creating a feeling of nostalgia.

Mixed culture of youth and seniority,
east and west,
new and old.
It gives the town of Machida a unique energy
and gives us a mysterious excitement.

Resol Hotel Machida is located
at the intersection of such diverse cultures and generations,
where familiar staff members welcome regular and first-time visitors
equally with fulfilling attention.

Once you experience
this warm and adequately intimate hospitality,
you may find this hotel “a place to come home to”
rather than “a place to visit.”

It will be a hotel in a town you frequent
and feel the unique atmosphere in the front line of Machida

Like Machida developed as a strategic point of “Kinu no Michi,”
Hotel Resol Machida develops as a strategic point of Machida.