A hotel where suits meet sneakers

Nagoya is one of the three major cities in Japan,
with first-class commercial, manufacturing, and port facilities,
especially several world-renowned manufacturers.

Its character is, so to say, Los Angeles of the East.
Nagoya became a sister city with Los Angeles in 1959
and has interacted actively in diverse domains
such as education, culture, and sports.

The establishment of Hotel Resol Nagoya is
based on this strong compatibility between Nagoya and Western culture
observed through a study of history.

Our keyword is “dressed in a suit and sneakers.”
This hotel is in an urban American style
is dotted with the taste of Jazz, which represents America’s music scene,
creating a nice balance between sophistication and relaxation.

We pay a lot of attention to detail
of materials, furniture,
ornaments, and amenities.
Our space is a kind of “hangout for adults”
inviting travelers who seek authenticity to deep relaxation.

In the open living lobby,
the scent of welcoming aroma and coffee
stimulates your nostrils.
You may feel like swing dancing
to slow, tranquil, but the passionate rhythm of Jazz music.

You can take your shoes off in your bedroom
where you will forget the hustle of the modern world,
as if the time axis has been altered.

Hotel Resol Nagoya is a place for adults,
where you can be relaxed
in a sophisticated space
with a taste of good old culture and a sense of intelligence.