Invisible Realms: Seeing Beyond the Visible

As we say Edo (now Tokyo) has 808 districts
while Naniwa (Osaka) has 808 bridges,
Osaka is a city of bridges, large and small.

The bridges representing this city
such as Yodoyabashi Bridge, Nambabashi Bridge, and Koraibashi Bridge
helped the development of transportation on the river
and the prosperity of Osaka
which was dubbed “the Kitchen of Whole Japan.”
At the same time, they became the point of encounter and separation
for people living their daily lives there.
Bridges can never be ignored when talking about Osaka.

Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka is surrounded by these bridges and designates bridges as its theme.

The living lobby is the face of the hotel
is dimly lit like at the dusk
when various dramas happen
just before it gets completely dark.
It welcomes the travelers who cross the bridges to arrive there
and make them feel relieved after a day’s hustle.

We adopt the shadows following the concept of IN-EI RAISAN (praising shadows)
which conveys the Japanese inherited sense of beauty
and an unprecedented experience of
enjoying the afterglow of obscurity and relaxing at the same time.

In the morning, natural light comes in
making a refreshing effect of light and shadow different from the dusk,
and make you ready for further journey.

Dare to enjoy obscurity in which you cannot figure out the outline of things
instead of the brightness of a neon sign
in the middle of the Osaka metropolis.

A hotel for adults,
Hotel Resol Trinity Osaka welcomes you
with such unconventional excitement,
today and tomorrow.