Spa Jour Ferie


Regain balance in mind and body with the power of plants while feeling the rhythm of nature.

Our minds and bodies maintain health while experiencing daily fluctuations.
"Spa Jour Ferie" is not only dedicated to providing relaxation but also functions as a "forest wellness spa" that helps restore the disrupted balance along with the rhythm of nature and the forest.
Incorporating the power of the sun and the earth, we offer treatments aimed at restoring balance to the mind and body while experiencing the rhythm of nature.

Signature Treatment

A menu allows you to feel the power of plants yourself. Before stepping into the salon, your forest wellness time begins with picking herbs. Pick the herbs that match your mood at that moment and bring them to the salon.
During the time you enjoy the foot bath with the herbs you've chosen, the therapist will inquire about your physical condition.
We will confirm the fluctuations in your body based on the position of the sun and the calendar on the day of the treatment, and provide the treatment with the most suitable aroma oil.

  • *Taxes are included in the price.

Wellness Care

This care incorporates the lifestyle and wellness philosophy of the people in Switzerland, a country known for health and longevity.
Wellness refers to a state of being both physically and mentally healthy.
This menu supports the restoration of health by achieving balance between the mind and body.

  • *Taxes are included in the price.

Bridal Treatments

We're here to assist women in shining brightly on their most special days.
Whether the need is to eliminate dullness and roughness on the face, clear up back acne, or enhance body's contours, please feel free to consult with us.
We'll provide a treatment with heartfelt care to help women achieve radiant and beautiful skin.


Gift Ticket

Perfect for gifts to your wife, partner, or mother: tickets to enhance their beauty.
Feel free to consult with us.

Gift Ticket

User Guide

Opening Hours

10:00 ~ 20:00 start (reservations on the day must be made by 17:00)




Please click here to make a reservation.

  • ・For first-time customers, a brief check of their health and skin condition will be conducted to ensure a safe treatment.This may take a little extra time compared to the menu's stated duration.
  • ・Depending on your health and skin condition, we may decline to provide the treatment.
  • ・If you are late for your appointment, we may need to shorten the treatment or decline it.
  • ・Our salon is dedicated to relaxation and does not perform therapeutic treatments for illnesses or injuries.
  • ・Individuals under junior high school age, pregnant individuals and those who may be pregnant are not accepted.
  • ・Changes and cancellations should be made by 5:00 PM the day before the appointment. Changes up to three days before can be done online, but for later changes, please contact us by phone (0475-35-3333).
  • ・Cancellation fees are as follows: Same day - 100% of the treatment fee. *Please notify us by 5:00 PM the day before for cancellations. After that, it will be treated as a same-day cancellation.
  • ・The menu is subject to change.
  • ・If you are currently undergoing treatment at a medical institution or taking medication, we will not be able to perform the treatment without a doctor's permission.