Eatwell Breakfast: Smart & Delicious

At Resol Hotel restaurants, we offer the "Eatwell Breakfast" to help each guest improve their dietary habits, tailored to their individual lifestyle and stage of life.
Whether for multi-night stays or extended visits, we offer a diverse range of menus to ensure a consistently appealing dining experience.
Enjoy "Eatwell" breakfast at Resol Hotel which is both healthy and delicious.


Buffet breakfast using locally sourced ingredients

Alongside our diverse selection of Japanese and Western standard menus, we await your awakening with regional specialties such as Hida Beef tendon curry, Hida Beef croquettes, and local delicacies like Kakamigahara Kimuchi, all prepared using locally sourced ingredients. *Menu content may vary depending on the season and ingredient availability.

Opening Hours
1,800 yen per person / 900 yen per child (3~5 years old)
  • *Prices include tax.
1F Resturant "Premiere"
  • *Please note that breakfast may be served in the banquet hall on the 6th floor.