The Starting Point of “Edo” Sightseeing

Walking down the street,
you will find splendid temples and shrines.

Listening to the buzz on the street,
you will hear lively yells of rickshaw pullers.

Strolling around,
Surrounded by appetizing scents of Japanese food and sweets.

Dimly lit lanterns,
inns with a nostalgic charm,
and people passing by, all carrying an air of simplicity.

Asakusa, breathing with the essence of traditional Japanese culture,
preserved through the ages,
offers the most vivid experience of the "Edo" period in Tokyo.

Asakusa’s distinctive style,
unmatched by any other country,
unique compared to any region in Japan,
is an experience only to be had here.

For Japanese visitors, it evokes nostalgia
even on their first visit,
For foreigners, it brings to life
a world they believed was only a fantasy,
such is the magic of this special place.

Resol Poshtel Tokyo Asakusa,
crafted as a gateway for travelers to experience Edo,
envelopes you in the unique culture and history of the area,
a new form of lodging experience.

As the name Poshtel suggests,
a refined and sophisticated space in a modern Japanese style,
with traditional Japanese graphics on walls and ceilings,
greeting visitors with the allure of Edo.

Our living lobby fosters connections between travelers,
maps for sharing insights and joys of journeys,
equipped with features and services supporting
globetrotters from across the world.

Embark on a journey to discover not just Tokyo, but Edo.
As a base for this exploration,
Resol Poshtel Asakusa quietly awaits,
by Asakusa station, ready for today's adventures.