Different Perspective Emerging from “Ma”

Japanese people have since long ago
had a unique sense of “Ma” that is always in the air,
which they recognize in their heart
unconsciously without being taught.

Vague interaction between space and time
creates “Ma.”
Its structure is closely related to
Japanese flexible architecture
with the elements such as
shoji (paper sliding door) and misu (bamboo blinds).

Hotel Resol Trinity Kyoto
has such “Ma”
as the center of focus.

The moment you enter the building,
your eyes will be caught by a light court.
Like a spot garden with the light from above,
this space, something in between indoors and outdoors,
will make you feel the change of time and seasons,
and enhance your sense to capture “Ma.”

This quest for “Ma” is also represented by the tatami mats
on all the floors of the guest rooms.
Change of space by entering the room
is associated with the change of time by taking your shoes off,
making the simple action of entering a room create “Ma.”
It makes you relax like a Japanese
who knows how to make these changes.

The hotel stands on Fuyachodori, a narrow street
in the middle of the international tourist city of Kyoto.
Despite its location, the traditional street reminds us of the sound of geta (wooden clogs),
symbolizing “Ma” in the city of Kyoto.

Hotel Resol Trinity Kyoto is the flagship hotel
among the three Resol hotels in Kyoto,
offering a new style of relaxation
to every visitor.