Living lobby

Living lobby

A hotel with another place to stay

Introducing the concept of "A hotel with another place to stay," our hotel features a "Living Lobby" where you can unwind as if you were at home. It serves as a comfortable space for chatting with friends, reading, and catching up on work. Please feel free to relax and enjoy your time in our cozy Living Lobby.

A Special Space Beyond the Grand Entrance

As a hotel standing on the former site of the soy sauce merchant "Tsuboya," you can experience the layout of the townhouse and the architectural elements of a storehouse throughout the living lobby. The special atmosphere is also attractive, as only guests who have passed through the reception are allowed to enter.

Two Meanings of "Misakura no Ma"

The "Misakura no Ma" Living Lobby is named for two meanings: the reminiscent structure of a storehouse and a place to relax while enjoying tea. The word "Misakura" also carries the meaning of "cherry blossom viewing," and the folding screen-style murals depict cherry blossoms along the Kamogawa River.