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Eatwell Breakfast

Resol Hotel introduces 'Eatwell Breakfast,' a distinctive dining concept tailored to enhance eating habits according to individual lifestyles and life stages. Aimed at goals like radiant skin, fatigue recovery, or boosted immunity, the breakfast options offer varied combinations to help each guest become their best version. An invitation is extended to explore this commitment.

Expertly Crafted Menu by Certified Dietitians

In an era of diversifying work and life styles, attention is increasingly focused on personal health and nutrition.

Individual health goals and ideal outcomes necessitate varied nutrients, foods, and their optimal balance.

At Resol Hotels, with the mantra 'Savor Intelligent and Delectable Dining,' breakfast menus have been crafted to delight in taste and promote better health.

For instance,
Vitamins and proteins for glowing skin,
Antioxidant-rich polyphenols and vitamins for anti-aging,
Probiotics and fiber for digestive health.

Guided by professional dietitians, each menu item is marked with icons to assist in choices based on specific body needs. A variety of combinations and customizations await exploration and enjoyment.

Discover Resol Hotel's Eatwell Breakfast, a delicious step towards health, making it an ideal start to a fantastic day.

Dietitian's Message

Food, with its diverse ingredients, works in multiple directions unlike pharmaceuticals that target single symptoms. It can produce a synergistic effect when combined with other foods.

In the midst of abundant food information, adjusting nutrients and maintaining improvement strategies can be challenging. Considering the effects of various dish combinations can make dietary adjustments more sustainable. Consuming a variety of foods at breakfast is also beneficial for the brain.

Hotel Resol's Eatwell breakfast provides guidance on suitable dish combinations, tailored to the health challenges of guests of all ages. This assistance enhances eating habits in a realistic and sustainable manner.

*Excludes some locations