A Retro Journey Through History and Exotic Charm

Streets with exotic atmosphere in Hakodate attract many people.

This land used to be called “Ezo-chi” (Ainu’s land) and had its own culture.
The city developed as a trading port
and created its unique culture as the portal to the Western world
since Japan opened its doors in 1954.

It became the final battlefield of the war ending the Tokugawa Shogunate
and the new Meiji government started the development of this northern land.
Hakodate has thus been the stage of newborn Japan
and lived through the change of history.

Hotel Resol Hakodate is situated amidst the Bay Area,
surrounded by historic Meiji-era structures,
including consulates, historic churches, and brick warehouses.

Nestled between the lush Hakodateyama Hill,
and the bustling Hakodate Port,
the city's historic streets offer both gourmet delights and shopping escapades.

Retro trams clatter right in front of the hotel,
ready to whisk you away to nostalgic destinations:
Goryokaku, where Hijikata Toshizo made his last stand,
or the beloved Yunokawa Onsen, famed for its soothing waters.

Satisfied in both heart and belly,
comfort even in weariness,
Hotel Resol Hakodate welcomes travelers,
providing warmth, rejuvenation, and energy for the morrow.

Discover a unique blend of Western, Eastern, and Ezo cultures here,
melding the old's legacy with the emergence of the new, reflecting the passage of time.
Savor the exclusive maritime delicacies, only found in this northern port.

Hotel Resol Hakodate provides a cozy haven,
just for you,
to fully immerse in the allure of Hakodate.